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Creating a Chrome River Users & Roles Application in 3E

Managing the entity roles for Chrome River is simple to begin with, but can get unmanageable after a period of time and may be better managed in 3E.


3E Queries filtering on Status

When writing SQL queries against the 3E database there are some good practices to follow. Here is one.


Emailing a Timekeeper in Elite 3e

Emailing a timekeeper in Elite 3E, seems easy enough.


Using Clubhouse.IO for Project Management

Using for project management has made the mundane task of keeping track of things fun.


Writing an iManage 10 Python wrapper

A co-worker asked if I knew the SQL commands to get recent matters from our Worksite database. I do, but thought I'd write a Python wrapper to call the iManage api instead.


Using PyCharm

PyCharm is my favourite editor for writing Python code; quite simply it's made me a better coder. Like the other JetBrains editors, PyCharm offers intelligent code completion, on-the-fly error checking and quick-fixes, easy project navigation, and much more.